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07 May 2011 @ 12:07 pm

happy mother's day to all your momma's out there. :)

waaa!! i missed this!! i miss posting here. :))

well... i'm posting here since, this account is my safest among my other accounts since i don't have RL friends here. but, i'm not going to post something about them. :|

it's about me, me being left behind, me being useless, me being a worthless person for him. i'm going to post something what i've been feeling this past few days... :'(

i feel like he doesn't love me anymore, is it because i lack of something?? and it's been a week or so.. i can't remember where it started. well, i guess it started on our 7th month.. i won't tell the whole story.. i'll just tell what my problem is. 

he changed. :(
i don't want to accept it, but he obviously changed. :(
no sweet mornings and evening.. and every time we text each other, we only text in the morning then followed by "i have something to do.. i'll just text you later..take care.." then after that, NO TEXT at all. i mean, he's just going to text me, if i text-ed him. :(

3days, we're like this.. it's becoming a routine for him..  is this a sign that he is fed up being with me?? 
then when we say our goodnight's to each other.. there's no I LOVE YOU.. i tried it once if he's going to say it too.. he just replied with this " :) "

am i just being paranoid?? or girl's instincts are true?? :( 

i hate the fact that i'm so in love with him, and the fact that i feel so nothing to him. :(
i felt so loved at first.. or i was fooled by him?? :(
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it's been a while since my last post here. 

so yeah, i don't know if i still have friends here. lol. i mean, i disappear quite a long time and still counting~ hehe.
i'm kinda bored that's why i'm posting.. i'm not saying that i'll post something because i'm bored.. okay, i'm lost. what am i saying? LOL. 
i'm supposedly gonna post my rant about my life this past few days but i don't want to ruin your mood or whatsoever. 
since it's nearly Christmas day! :))


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14 September 2010 @ 09:05 am
 woah. i'm still alive. :)
okay., i manage not to read any fanfic. LOL. well... because i'm too busy to do that. hahahaha.
any way, these past few days.. well... there's something happened. hahaha.

the guy i used to tell you, hmmm... me and him became lovers since sept. 08, 2010. :)
hahahaha. :D
that's so unexpected. hahaha. 

tell the story later, if i say later, that means someday. hahaha. :)
21 August 2010 @ 03:15 pm



disqualified from being BEST STAGE MANAGER (nominee)

for not attending 1 rehearsal! D:

and it freaking hurts!!! D:

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24 June 2010 @ 11:58 am
after being MIA. LOL. i'm back.. i don't think for good.. i'm kinda busy right now, when i say busy... AS IN BUSY.
i want to say sorry tovallovesyou for not meeting you while you were here. D: i'm so sorry. D:
i'm so busy that i can't even see my friends... D: 

i'm so stress right now.. because of this one person.,. 

and for some reason, i feel sad hearing about geng's solo album. D:

you should watch this.i'm crying while watching this~ D:

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13 April 2010 @ 04:22 pm

oh yeah!!! :D i totally saw them performing in front of me~~~!!!!! well... i don't know how to start. LOL.
i'm gonna be posting soon.. after uploading all the fancam vids that i took.. and the pictures... but forgive me for the LQ of my phone .. D:
it was so damn hot that day~~ adding the hotness of super junior. LOL. 

and the people are going nuts when the gate opened... we were screaming and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! :D
i can't even make a fan account. lol. 

i'll give you a bit idea what happened to me there~~~ 

siwon talk to me with his shibrows when i raise my fansign. saying "happy birthday siwon" :)
ryeowook looked at me.. and smiled~~~ :)
i called sungmin and he face me and posed and *click* hahahaha.
and heechul dance in front of me!!!! :)
donghae~~~ looked and said.. wait. with gesture hand. LOL. dunno how to explain it. LOL.

my next post will be with fancams and pictures and everything about SS2~~~ ♥
29 March 2010 @ 01:46 pm
i'll just going to update you about what's been happening with my life right now. lol.

 first. i got my SUPER SHOW 2 TICKET - SVIP LEFT dude!! :D well.. the one who pay my ticket is my cousin~~♥♥ so big thanks for him~!!! :D i'm coming with my cousin penipenpen  and with her best friend szayel_in_love  and some other fan girl friends~~~♥♥♥ and we can't wait~~

second. i'm done filming our short film. we received a lot of feedbacks from respective people, they say that our film is good and interesting~~♥ well... that's the only thing we want... :) we're still waiting for the announcement of winners~~ woooh!! pray with me guys! please....

third. woooot~~!!! i just got my new phone~~♥♥ SAMSUNG CORBY w/WIFI - orange. yeah!! :D inspired by 2PM. lol. but i really wanted snsd's LG CHOCOLATE. but it's too expensive.. 5x expensive compare to corby. lol.

fourth. i just finish writing a hanchul fic.. i might post it anytime soon.. i heard this song and i got an idea, most likely is a song fic. version of kihae and hanchul..
fifth. U-KISS were here yesterday. i missed them.. i didn't even see them on t.v. T_____T i got a chance but i rejected it. T___T
oh well, it's okay. lol. i can't remember what u-kiss color is. lol

sixth. this week is holy week. :) no meat for a while.. let's sacrifice with Jesus for a while...

seventh. woah!! i just hear kesha's version of run devil run~~!!! i'm not kidding! well.. i think it's better since i can fully understand everything since it's english. but my bias for snsd is way higher than kesha english skills. lol.  i'm LSS right now~~ here's the song. 

now, who's better?? snsd or kesha??

well... this is kinda a long post.~~~ LOL.
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14 February 2010 @ 03:31 pm
i love ya'll~~♥

happy Chinese new year. ^_____^
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09 February 2010 @ 11:20 am

 happy birthday geng~♥

wish you all the best.^^
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